Add spark to your monotonous married life!

India is a traditional country and tradition is worth everything here. People respect traditions and follow them as an important part of their life and marriage is one of those traditions. Marriage is the most special occasion of anybody’s life and this is considered to be start of new inning of one’s life. Be it love or arranged marriage, every marriage has different traditions depending on the caste, creed and society. But, what happens after a long span of time when two people stay together for a long time, say 10-15 years of marriage? What about their sex life? Do they still have the same zeal after 10 years of relation?


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Being in bed with one another doesn’t imply that they would have sex each and every night and when we say sex, we are not just talking about a formality; we mean do they enjoy sex? Would they get the same girlfriend experience after a long time of marriage which they can get through escort services in Bangalore? For leading a better life, both husband and wife should make efforts in fulfilling their sexual desires. One should seek to fulfil desires of their partner. They need to put in same efforts like we do in the case of getting our electrical appliances repaired since we need them every day.

When we try to buy something new, we do a detailed research about that thing and then buy from the best possible shop and within budget. Similarly, we need to put in the same efforts in making the relationship work, making that monotonous routine wash away. Read some articles over the internet, visit some discussion boards, and watch interesting videos where you can seek answers to your questions and do a regressive research in order to fulfil desires of your partner.


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In India, most women do not tend to do give blow job to their husbands and owing to internet; husbands try to get the experience of this act of sex from their wife. However, females are not very much comfortable with this as they are a bit shy and they even think of health aspects of giving blow job to their husbands. To get this experience, sometimes males even tend to look for call girls in Bangalore and this would impart differences between them. Thus, in order to fulfil this desire females have to get comfortable with this act of sex by reading various articles and mastering this technique. Doing this, females can occasionally give blow job to their husband for fun or when they are going through their periods. This way they would be able to seek to fulfil their sexual needs and this would drive in a new craze in their married life.

These efforts are not confined to females only; even males should put in efforts. They should talk to each other as to what extra do they seek in the relation. As good and precise communication is a key to solution of every problem, this should bring in a new spark in your life and make things work in a better way.