Orgasm, such a female thing!

An orgasm in a sexual intercourse is often considered being a male thing. When we look at sex, it is mainly considered to be a male dominating thing, since we have women’s image as a submissive and not the one who can control things while sex. However, this is entirely a myth and one should also respect the feeling and emotions of women while having sex since even they masturbate and even God has given them that freedom of enjoying sex. Call girls in Bangalore know this act very well and as per them, when they orgasm or make various seductive voices during orgasm, this turn their client on.


We all know what makes a men ejaculate, however, there is another lore associated with female orgasms. People think that clitoris is the way to get a woman orgasm; however, you can keep on rubbing that clit and still a woman wont cum. This statement can make you think that if rubbing a clit won’t help then how you can make sure that your partner has a great orgasm. Well, here the key to an amazing orgasm is your partner’s emotional involvement in sex. As it’s been a long time that our society has adopted sex as a male thing, even girls don’t tend to think of their own sexual pleasure and often end up trying to satisfy their partners.


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Being in a relation means giving equal importance to each other and same thing applies while having sex as well. Both needs to be emotionally involved, leave all other thoughts in the background of their mind and be ready to reach the climax. This would make you enjoy your intercourse, and this is a fact that if you will make your female partner orgasm, she will give you an amazing experience of your lifetime. All the couples out there, try this for once and you will know the difference between ejaculating on your own and to cum along with your mate.


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We would like to tell all females that they need to break the myths of society and start enjoying sex as their male partners do. Being bounded in these thoughts is what makes a married life boring after few years as women tend to show no interest in sex as there is nothing for them in this act of love. Thus, if they know and understand how to cum with their companion, they would not only enjoy the sexual role but will also want more which will keep their charm of married life alive till the end.